Online Shopping and Social Networking

In the last few years shopping online has become a tremendous benefit of the internet and a lot of people have just gone crazy over it. We can now afford and be able to buy anything on the web as long as our wallets allow it and a valid credit or debit card that has been web enabled.

Shopping online is not only an advantage of the 21st century but has come as a direct result from the technological advancements of computers and the internet. And ever since communications have been enhanced due to social networking, a new branch or marketing has evolved – social media marketing. SMM (as it is abbreviated) is responsible for most of the campaigns that leads us to online commerce sites.

The link between social networking and online shopping has become so strong that everywhere we look on Facebook, the largest social network right now, we see some sort of add that entices us to click on it and spend our money on things that have been specifically catered to our likes and needs.

Think about it; you usually turn to the internet whenever you want to order a particular product that you are interested in. You browse the website of a clothing store you love, you check out for the hottest offers, you download and pay for music on iTunes. All of these examples and more can be offered when it comes to shopping online. What social networking has done is make your interests and those of the people you are friends with available between each other. So your friends can see what you have an interest in or want to buy and they can do the same.