Gizmoznetworks.com aims to provide you with valuable information about the most innovative type of television and that is the IPTV. IP TV is a television system that allows people to pause their TVs whenever they need to and keep on watching their favorite shows whenever they have the time. On this page of Gizmoznetworks.com you can read more interesting information about the IPTV TV and IPTV STB and everything else you need to know about how IP TV can improve your life.

The IP TV or Internet Protocol Television is a system through which people can get connected to internet television services through architecture and networking methods over network infrastructure such as the internet. The difference between IPTV TV and regular television is that the internet is being used as the network infrastructure rather than the traditional radio frequency, satellite signal or cable television. The IPTV services are generally divided into three categories including live television which may or may not include interactivity related to the TV show currently transmitted, the time-shifted programming such as catch-up TV or start-over TV and the video on demand IP TV service. The catch-up TV system will replay a TV show that has been broadcast up to days ago and the start-over TV replays current TV shows from when it started.  The video on demand system or the VOD involves a catalog of video which are often not related to the TV programming.

The IPTV STB or set-top boxes are what distinguish this technology from general internet-based streaming. The IPTV STB is the standardization process used by this type of technology and moreover it is the box that will allow the end user to take advantage of this technology. The IPTV STB is the box that operates the changes and types of services that the user may want to use. Broadcast IP TV can be free or it can be obtained in exchange for a fee. With the service, the customer will also receive the IPTV STB. This sector of broadcasting seems to be one of the fastest growing in the industry and major television broadcasters all over the world choose to transmit over the internet. This technology offers the end users television of better quality and yet cheaper in comparison to traditional ways of broadcasting.

To conclude, the technological development allows people nowadays to enjoy the best TV moments. One does not have to worry that leaving the TV for few minutes will mean missing the best parts of a movie or a show with the help of the IPTV. Being able to pause or record shows is by far one of the greatest advantages that television is able to provide individuals with.